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Man's Place in Nature

by Cavernicular

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Man’s place in nature Linear pathway Gone the wrong way Evolution Hanging on the tree Of primitivity Domination Strength for survival Harsh denial Of compassion Troglodyte grunting Cannibal hunting Civilization Condemnation Of difformities Brutal selection Enduring disease No opposable thumbs And diverting eyes Crushing the dumb Enslaving the blind Hanging on the tree Of primitivity Domination Strength for survival Harsh denial Of compassion
Asshole's Sermon Greet another stainless soul Drown it in the sacred bowl Accept the eternal role... Villainous deception! Subtly institutionalized Conventions do have a price Serene in the hands of God Willing to obey the fraud
Drops of lexotan Ways to ease the anxiety Ways to relax and let go One step closer to the ultimate crisis People you talk to are foes Drops of lexotan! Pharmaceutical remedy Dragging you down so fast Begging for some kind of help As addiction blasts Browsing fast through the pages Your last chapter is near Gasping to turn shit around The end looks crystal clear
Secret War 00:57
Secret war Secret war all around you Conjuration,powers of doom Alien autopsies,flat earth plot Reptilian shapeshift,weird cosmonauts Criticize TV and press Where do you think you get the trash you profess? Studying the facts, looking for the cause Day by day, you slip in their jaws Piling bunch of lies Dullard in disguise Self contradictory Obey misteries Secret war all around you Depositary of what truth?
The Silent Song Stop that fucking noise Your shit makes me sick You should find a poise Play me something slick Cannot hold a pick Cannot play a chord You look anaemic Maybe you’re just bored A silent song Is what you want No sound at all Or music for malls Turn your guitar down Do it,for god’s sake You’re a fucking clown You’re the one at stake! Lacking irony Missing the real deal This cacophony Will only make you kneel
Demon Gang 00:54
Demon Gang Sacrificed unto the obscure Green-lights are on, death is the cure Bring the snitch to the boiling point Traitors are constantly held at gunpoint No-one escapes the MS-13 Baby-sitting, evil-eyed kings of the crime scene Ravenous glorification Of the gang's demonic actions Thrown into a life of hate Hunted by a racist state
Temple of Convenience Buy it, sell it, don’t miss the chance Rabid, morbid, deep consumer trance First you see it, snap inside your head Then you grab it, nothing left ahead Money demand obedience Temple of convenience Money demand obedience Temple of convenience Need it, crave it, what suits you best Produce, misuse, now you feel depressed Search for a way out of banality Bow down, blend in
The Lady in Yellow Murder, she wrote Sealing the oath To incriminate cutthroats Too many killings, Way too much gloom, What will Jessica do? Tonight on the screen She's crime drama's queen
First Choice Meat Daily scapegoat to feast upon Market it, label it, feed your spawn Radical judgement for all but you TV set illuminates an endless gloom First choice meat for rancid minds Show compassion with tears in your eyes Lacking interest, you don’t really care Unless the pain is too much to bear… …too much to bear!
Ranch Hand 01:07
Ranch hand Venomous giants in the vietnamese sky Imperialist menace without warning signs Just one click and the nightmare is dropped Contaminating villages, people and crops 10 years of exhausting herbicidal warfare Violating protocols and crafting despair Genotoxic agents were shamefully sprayed Mutated generations cursed to deal with the pain Ranch hand
Asunción 00:47
Asuncion You pull the string one more time Drag a nation into decline Secure your power through sneaky laws Unrest is what you will draw Face up to the crowd Flags are burning out Your ties to the past Crushed within a blast Revolt! A constitution to suit your needs History books soon will bleed President of mockery Just another astute pig
Collective Prayer Raise the hearts, let us pray Sins of man washed away Faithful's mind is confused when Lambs of God are abused Omen of hellish death Trembling before God's wrath Come wear the crown of thorns Come feel the hand of scorn Burning eyes Sacrifice Burning eyes Sacrifice Join the Eucharist Christ is cannibalized Share the bread, share the wine Purging guilt in the shrine Lost in a vale of sin Sun shines with a grin Will you ever see? ...No.
Just Another Dodgy Exploiter All you do for art's sake is screwing workers every day Playing the brilliant director Only makes it all worse Working for no money... Who do you think you are? You're no fucking Kubrick You're no movie star Here comes the genius Nothing more pretentious Back-stabbing, shit-talking Filthy, arrogant leech
Hanging from a Crane One word's enough to execute: Enemy God and state unite, no-one can dispute Entropy Order is restored, dissidents are slayed Bow before the Lord, hanging from a crane Delations are fast, suspicions rise Without a word, You're brought to die Accuse or excuse, pretty much the same Swinging in the noose, Justice insane*
Take Aim 00:46
Take Aim Breathe in slow, find the right place Anticipate the blow, fall in disgrace No-one will defend you, no sympathy Handling death, it's no fatality Take aim and shoot, it's the only way to go Terminate a life and prepare to pay the toll Take aim and shoot, it's the only way to go Terminate a life and prepare to pay the toll In the darkest hour you'll have to behave Choke your emotions and send them to the grave You pull the trigger, the target hits the ground But suddenly you sense the darkness of doubt...
Firm Convictions We are blessed, we're the ones God has given us the guns The Almighty keeps us fed Authorizes one more bloodshed First world problems are enough People want some more snuff By our master's righteous will We'll provide some flesh to kill These are Firm convictions Sacred war Power's fiction Who benefits from this ordeal? Terrorism is a deal Complain about the bitter fate Wondering if it's too late
Locked for Life Locked for life...but can you call it life? Motionless in a bed, yearning for daylight Your brain works yet you cannot shed a tear Paralyzing atrophy, you wish death was near Anguish in your dreams You can't be redeemed World's too cruel for you Words can't help you It is all so horrible one could not explain Thoughts whirl in a loop of never-ending pain Liquid food and ventilator keeping you alive Bleep of the machinery goes on day and night...
Immunity 00:49
Immunity Immunity! Escamotage Cracks in the system Sabotage Ignore what’s written Law is just a fake Easily escape None can bring your down Safe in your ill town
Dope 00:02
Dope Dope!


released September 12, 2017

Cavernicular are:
Totò - Yells
Sandro - Grunts
Furious G. - Guitar
Piparino - Drums

Recorded at Tone deaf studio by Spadino in June 2017
Mixed and mastered by Furious G. at his home studio in June 2017.
All songs by Cavernicular


all rights reserved



Cavernicular Palermo, Italy

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