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Split with Violent Frustration

by Cavernicular

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Fear is the medium, religion is opium So we're told, let us repeat Propaganda filtrates like serum Marching by a subtle beat Getting rid of all forms of abstraction Apathetic people, breathing automations Growing up without the chance to discern Manipulated history, knowledge is served God is bondage for the working class So we're told, so we speak You realize you can't criticize Your faith will never be legalized Fight to be free to wear your own chains If that's what you want, you shouldn't hesitate When the last drop of hope is gone You'll feel safe in God's own spawn
Not my habit 00:34
Read without reading Know without knowing Pretend! We’re so anxious to hear from you What you think and what you do Not my fucking habit to Spread unfounded, phony news Not my fucking habit to Worship every golden bull What’s the source? Who said that? Blame it on the technocrats Clickbait lover Shit uncovers World goes counterfeit Dwell in a tar pit
Born Eyeless 01:00
Sentence written in your DNA Grown up as the perfect slave Satisfied without a care You’ve been petrified in a ruthless stare Born Eyeless Born The curse dates back to timeless days Servitude, compelled to obey Whipped and mocked and sent to slaughter Still you believe you’re not like the others
Synaptic overdrive Brain boils in a beehive Stress of the modern age Stress of yet another day Stop it before I explode Cannot bear this monster load Cannot swallow all the shit Hating every bit of it Storm of problems I can't solve Only wish I could dissolve Leeches sucking out my life Somebody give me a knife! Asking for more, looking for gain Predictably selfish, again and again Demanding the best without paying your dues What the fuck are you trying to do?
Altered 00:51
Our equilibrium is incapacity Teaching a commandment of voracity Nature is scientifically ignored Obscured ground Up to the point where we start to implore World burns down! World burns down! World burns down!
Undesired citizen Cancelled Abolitio Nominis Death knell All you ever said and done Deleted forevermore Memory's forever condemned Expression of civil contempt Abolition, all is lost Condemnation, whatever the cost Concrete symbols blown away Punishment, end of days Nothing will remain To be remembered Once a fire Now feeble embers Degeneration In decline Your own image Swallowed in time
Lost my dreams in the sun Sunshine craze, mental run Going for the incentive Free my thoughts, colours bleed Touch my head, touch my face Feel the vibes in the haze Take off your shoes, let it go Fucking up, fingers roll There is more to find out Inside out I laugh and shout To palpate in ecstasy Breaking free in company Leave drama and hate You can be my mate No time for resentment No time for foul contempt Yet one more endless night Doesn’t it feel just right?
Ransom 00:45
Law of menace Rule of death Cannot discuss Strive to hold your breath Tension strategy A jutted gun Faceless enemy Having fun Holy money, holy phones Calling from a place unknown No price is too high Anguish of a frantic cry Ransom asked Strive to hold your breath
Rule me out 00:40
Drag me into your so-called cause Say you're impartial and yours is not a pose You can rule me out! Share a couple photos to prove that you care Enemy of the system is a good phrase to wear Slogans are all you shout! Master of gimmicks You and your kins Count me out You blend in
Drip 01:35
Right of choice slowly denied. Deaf black sound Hibernated seconds of life, straight to the ground Aseptic corridors, chained by dumb ideologies Drip-feed to your life, stillicide of your mind Perpetual spiral of cruel non-sense Straight into a lack of defense Aseptic corridors, chained by dumb ideologies Drip-feed to your life, stillicide of your mind Dignity, choked in a hospital gown Violated by regnants with no crown


released April 27, 2018

Cavernicular are:
Totò - Yells
Sandro - Grunts
Furious G. - Guitar
Piparino - Drums

Released by RØDEL Records.
Recorded at Tone deaf studio by Spadino between November 2017 and Jenuary 2018.
Mixed and mastered by Furious G. at his home studio in Jenuary 2018.
All songs by Cavernicular

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Cavernicular Palermo, Italy

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